The Standing Ovation Recital Packs are BRILLIANT… So many of the little details are just taken care of. Plus, there are several elements I know I’d never think to create on my own- like the countdown images. What a fabulous resource for studio owners!

Megan Meyers

Creator of The Princess Ballerinas Dance Program™

After checking out Dance Teacher Dashboard, I realized I was missing the “icing on the cake.” Everything is so clear, with easy to follow tutorials so anyone can do this. Better yet, someone on your team can run with this and make your studio look like a rockstar! Well done Dance Teacher Dashboard!

Melissa Huber

Studio Owner, The Dancing House (Wisconsin)

Dance Teacher Dashboard saves time for busy studio owners, is user friendly and adds a touch of professionalism!

Gena Surratt

Studio Owner, Advance Dance (North Carolina)

Dance Teacher Dashboard’s tools are extremely helpful and literally what I’ve been wanting to put together for my studio but haven’t found time to do! I cannot thank you enough!

Beth Richardson

Studio Owner, Turning Pointe Dance Studio (Wisconsin)

This just gave me a clear plan of what to do – I was so overwhelmed trying to cover everything on my own.

Sharon Elfert

Studio Owner, CV Dance Studio (Australia)

This will save me some time looking for music and creating a graphic. It probably saved over 2 days worth of work all together.

Tiffany Rhine

Studio Owner, PRC Dance Academy (Kansas)

First just want to say WOW – great job putting together all of these resources and templates. I absolutely LOVE the spotify playlist song suggestions. While I love searching and finding the perfect song, this is probably where I also get the most time “suck” and find that I often waste a lot of time. Having some quick start suggestions is great. This is a lot of great content!
Jenny Barnhart

Studio Owner, JB Dance Studio (Wisconsin)

Thank you very much for sharing the dance recital planner. It is well organized, colorful and easy!  Thank you for taking daunting tasks and finding ways to make them enjoyable and exciting.
Ak Mullen Johnson

Teaching Artist, Freelance Dance Teacher (Canada)